Exchanges and returns

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If not, you can exchange or return your order within 7 days (from the day after receipt). The returned items may not have been worn, used or damaged. The labels and/or tags may not have been removed. We will refund the payment or you will receive a different raincoat. Please use the original packaging for your return*.

Your correct returned raincoat, for which a refund is requested, will be credited within 30 days as a refund to your bank account.

*We cannot accept returned goods without postage. The return costs for shipment need to be paid by the customer.

We recommend you to return the order via a provider that offers Track & Trace. The responsibility for any damage and/or loss of returned orders during transport, until they have been received by us, is in your hands. In that case, we cannot refund.

Clearly indicate whether you wish to have the raincoat replaced by another raincoat or whether you wish to receive a refund. Please include the reason for your return. Clearly mention your name and address.

Return your order to the address as below:

Louise Wentstraat 262
1018 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands